In 2012, the company, RIO CARS, gained success and momentum opening 3 stores at the prime localities such as Lokhandwala, Khar and Bandra. Today, Rio Cars has a strong and reputable presence in the pre-owned luxury car segment and has sold over 3000+ vehicles.

Pre-owned luxury cars market

(source: Economic Times and Business Standard) The market for pre-owned luxury cars is a promising segment which has shown a significant growth potential. Thus it has gained traction amongst Indian users, as it is ideal for investment. In addition to the demands in metros, TIER-I and TIER-II sectors are driving up the sales resulting in an annual growth rate of 50%. According to reports by Business Standard, this segment is expected to grow by 30-40%.

This headway is attributed to several factors from which pricing is the key point, and the other is steady supply of luxury cars. With the depreciation rate of a brand new luxury car dipping as much as 30 percent in about six months, purchasing a used luxury car appears to be a more attractive option. For this reason, most car owners change their luxury cars every three years. It is also seen that several of the newly rich customers, who wished to be a part of the elite club of luxury car owners, preferred buying used vehicles that costs much lesser.

What we offer our investors

At Rio Cars, we give you a stamp of trust and authenticity. Since all the exploration and documentation is already handled by us, the entire process is a stress-free and smooth. All the pre-owned cars go through a complete and a thorough check as we have zero tolerance to any damage or error, however small.

You can bank upon our Rio Cars expertise as we have deep insights into this market, having successfully been a part of it for more than 5 years. We offer sound advice and ensure that you get the most out of your investments, rightly counselling you towards the most advantageous motor insurance too. You can rest assured that your capital is being steered in the correct direction as we help you to tap the best potential in this segment. Having the Rio Cars banner ensures a reputable brand name, further adding value to your investment.

Returns on investment can go as high as 30% on the invested amount. The minimum investment required is Rs. 40,00,000 – Rs. 1 crore.