Why should you invest?

All of us aspire for financial security. The only reliable method to attain financial security is to save and invest over a period of time. In other words, you make your money work for you. There are basically two ways to make your money work! Either you invest it in a scheme with any financial institution which pays you an interest to use your money. Or, another way is to own or buy something of value(asset) where the financial worth of that asset increases over a period of time.

RIO GROUP offers four segments which have the growth potential and promises to give the investor a sizeable ROI.


Partner with RIO GROUP

What is the role of RIO as your investment partner?

Given the vast experience and insights Rio Group has in dealing with realty and property sales, RIO GROUP will source and select the best properties in strategic locations across Goa. All clearances right from property title, liasoning and other essential documentation regarding the projects will be handled by the Group. With resources available to them, RIO will help in appointing the best architects and will also appoint a suitable contractor at the most competitive rates.

Furthermore, RIO GROUP will appoint engineers to oversee and supervise the complete process of construction activity on site till completion. RIO GROUP will acquire, on behalf of the client, all the certificate of completion and the occupation certificate. With RIO GROUP marketing strength, the experts will plan tactical marketing and sales strategies for the joint ventures.Basically, RIO GROUP offers and handles the entire project right from acquiring the land to constructing the project and selling it too.

Retainer Fees:

For the above services, RIO GROUP will charge Rs. 5,00,000 as a Retainer fee. The GROUP will also retain 30% in the profit as your JV Partner.