An in-depth study on the wellness industry in India clearly noted the growth wave of a healthy lifestyle. Wellness today is not just a “city” happening, but patrons across Tier II and Tier III cities and even adjoining areas are seeking wellness and healthy solutions to lead a wholesome life. Thus the wellness ecosystem has developed rapidly lending itself to a profitable investment option.

Amongst the youth with rising income, there is a robust need to look good and be healthy. It is therefore no wonder that healthcare segment (estimated at INR 490 billion) and wellness services like spas, salons etc. alone comprise of 40% of this market. Some key pointers show that this industry has attracted many domestic and international players to pursue fund maximization. Exploring other suitable options as well as franchising is emerging as yet another popular option for topping up.

RIO GROUP has seized this opportunity to offer to help develop more targeted value propositions for its investors

Firstly, they offer to handle the complete project of Spa as turnkey proposition for its investors.
Secondly, is the popular Franchise Module. RIO GROUP will allow the licensed use of name and the rights to utilize the workings of its operational Spa “So Thai Spa”.
Lastly, RIO GROUP will lend complete assistance in fruitful management of the Spa.

Returns on Investment can be as much as 30% per annum.