Investing in GOA’s real estate

RIO GROUP, which is predominantly into construction of Second Homes, launching their luxury home division, the investors can now look at depositing their finances in upscale residences which are in demand with the high income group and HNI clientele. This not only promises an attractive investment, it also ensures a good return on investment. High cost and shortage of hotels rooms during season further fuel the demand for holiday villas, row houses, hotels, second homes and apartments in Goa.

Asset Appreciation

Homes / Property / Real Estate are assets. Investors are bound to earn a good appreciation on such assets. The demand for built-up property is all the more robust because in addition to year-on-year value appreciation of the asset, most properties also offer great potential for earning income, both for long rent as well as for short holiday rentals.

What makes Goa an attractive real estate bet?

Goa is an Indian state most open to the world. A small tropical state located in the southwest of India, it extends for 100 km from its north to south coast along the Arabian Sea. The state is home to beautiful white sandy beaches lined with coconut palms, villages that house magnificent churches and Portuguese houses, rice fields that never seem to end, and also natural reserves with well-protected flora and fauna.

Since, Goa is a preferred holiday destination among national and international tourists, Goa receives several tourists every year. Most of the foreign tourists who come to Goa stay for longer periods, thus renting a holiday home is an obvious choice for them. Additionally, hotels of Goa at times are unable to accommodate the huge influx the state sees during the peak season. Thereby, holiday homes become the alternative for tourists both for long stay and flexibility which they offer.

Demand Knowledge - Rio Luxury Homes has a pulse on customer‘s requirements. What buyers are looking for in Goa… whether villas, apts, studios or commercial property, locations preferred, floor areas, budgets…. even the sales terms that customer are looking for.

People who are looking to buy apartments or property as an investment prefer North Goa, as it offers better rental and resale avenues. North Goa is popular with tourists and is better developed, with greater access and shopping facilities is much more attractive for tourists because of the resorts, popular beaches, malls and clubs present along the Candolim to Arambol stretch. Even those looking to relocate to Goa from other parts of the country prefer to settle around the beach belt, because of the lifestyle opportunities offer.

Supply Knowledge - Over a decade of experience in real estate market of Goa, gives us complete knowledge of current real estate stock available in the market as also new stock expected to be offered in the near future.
Knowledge of both demand and supply, and that too, based on hard facts and data, places Rio Group in a unique position to identify irreplaceable “niche opportunity” areas for which customer demand exists.

Goa is not only a vacationer put any longer, it has of late entered the land advertise and has a great deal of potential in private property. In the event that if you have been searching for a home, at that point here are 5 reasons why you should buy house in Goa and ideally end your pursuit there.

1. Scenic environment: Instead of the metro urban areas, Goa is fairly untouched by contamination. Being synonymous to shorelines, there are long extends of sandy covers along the coastline of Goa, some well-known visitor goals, some others untouched by inhabitation. No big surprise this unmarred magnificence has pulled in property seekers for a long while now.
2. Culture: Although, Goa has existed since the Mauryan realm since 3 BC, it turned out to be more perceived after the Portuguese administered over it. The impact of the Portuguese culture is exceptionally unmistakable and shows itself in their sustenance and general way of life of the general population
3. People: People and culture go as one. Everything comes to only one basic truth how are the general population? The general population in Goa are utilized to the vacationer culture and are subsequently inviting and wonderful. The way of life is casual with no hurry to achieve one place or abandon one. The worldwide impact on the Goan culture has instilled a considerable measure of resistance in individuals, they commend every one of the celebrations Christmas, Easter, Ganesh Chaturthi with rise to energy. Tourism is the fundamental business in Goa, and the vast majority of the Goans win their vocation with callings related with this industry.
4. Cost of living: Because of the casual way of Goa, the typical cost for basic items is very little when contrasted with the greater urban areas. Obviously, that relies on upon the area. In the event that the house is in the top notch areas, for example, the Candolim-Anjuna-Calangute-Baga extend, at that point the territories are somewhat costlier than normal. In any case, the internal towns/territories far from the traveller hotspots are nearer to culture of the neighbourhood individuals and substantially more moderate.
5. Investment open door for an extensive variety of ventures: Goa has just entered the land advertise and in a brief timeframe, there has been a scramble for a portion of the best properties. Goa still gives an extensive variety of decisions in region for each financial plan. There is something for everybody in Goa , may it be 1 BHK flat, Row House, private villas or a huge Porto house.

RIO LUXURY HOMES have therefore chosen the best locations to setup their residential projects that would be attractive to an investor. At Rio Luxury Homes, we do more than build properties. We help to realise dreams. We design spaces that complement the way you live. Every single one of our property is a showcase of innovation, accessibility and integration. From spacious starter home and stunning urban apartments to prestigious residence and lavish luxurious villas. You will find that our wide range of properties has something for every home seeker, may it be your dream home, second home or for an investor who is looking for high Returns.

Casa Rio, North Goa (Sold Out) – Siolim, Mapusa, North Goa
Redrock Elegance (Sold out) - Siolim, North Goa
Sky Villa - Candolim, North Goa

Casa Rio Phase 2 - Siolim Mapusa, North Goa
Lion's Valley - Lonavala, Maharashtra

Viva Rio - Pilerne, North Goa

Preferred Investment Channels

Option 1 - Underwrite Units - Enjoy returns like any Developer – But... with none of the headaches.
Investment: - Can start with as little as 3 cr, for a very small project and go up to any level, depending on project size.
Returns: - Typically 30% to 40% ROI, depending on the project and terms agreed with the developer.
Process: - A simple and transparent process is currently preferred by investors, wherein the investor invests, and against this, takes finished built up area of the project which he can sell, hold or rent. The investment is secured by way of a legally registered "Agreement of Sale" signed between developer and Investor and is legally binding on both parties. This is a very clean and easily accountable/verifiable method that eliminates any uncertainty and manipulation that could at times be associated with methods based on “profit share” The above method is preferred, but in case investors prefer any other arrangement this can certainly be considered as it is transparent and ensures a win-win situation for all concerned.

Option 2 - Pre-book units with a price advantage
Investment: - Usually a minimum of 45 lacs for Apartment projects and 3 Cr for Villa projects.
Returns: - Discount from 5% to 30% on prevailing prices, depending on number of units booked, current stage of completion of the project, level of booking already achieved by the builder and expected demand for the project.
Process: - In this case an investor, or group of investors, can get a substantially discounted rate in an ongoing project by virtue of their greater bargaining power. The actual process remains the same as when buying any built-up property.

  • An investor or group of investors can bulk buy units even before the pre-launch stage of a project.
  • Buying at discounted rate gives investor advantage of price differential with market rate from day one.
  • Standard and straight forward process, same as buying any property, As project is ongoing, investor can resell after 10 months of purchase, if he so desires.

Option 3 – Joint Venture

Role of Rio as your investment partner - Given the vast experience and insights Rio Group has in dealing with realty and property sales, RIO GROUP will source and select the best properties in strategic locations across Goa. All clearances right from property title, liasoning and other essential documentation regarding the projects will be handled by the Group. With resources available to them, RIO will help in appointing the best architects and will also appoint a suitable contractor at the most competitive rates.

Furthermore, RIO GROUP will appoint engineers to oversee and supervise the complete process of construction activity on site till completion. RIO GROUP will acquire, on behalf of the client, all the certificate of completion and the occupation certificate. With RIO GROUP marketing strength, the experts will plan tactical marketing and sales strategies for the joint ventures. Basically, RIO GROUP offers and handles the entire project right from acquiring the land to constructing the project and selling it too.
Investment: Can start with 10cr, and go up to any level, depending on the project and terms agreed.
Retainer Fees: For the above services, RIO GROUP will charge Rs.5,00,000 as a Retainer fee. The GROUP will also retain 30% in the profit as your JV Partner.

Advantages with Rio Group
  • We not only provide a “single-window” access for investors to enter the Goa real estate market.
  • Rio Group performs a number of critical functions that not only benefit the investor but also contributes substantially to the success of the project.
  • Rio Luxury Homes is a reputed developer who matches a pre-requisite ethics and value profile and are considered suitable for investment.